Jennifer's Story

JenniferI was 42 years old, had my dream family and 4 young children. My career was strong, and I had just accepted a new job and company relocation, moving into our dream home in New Jersey. LIFE WAS GOOD!

While unpacking and moving into our house that week, I made time to run out for my annual physical to get my $500 deduction on medical insurance. I felt perfectly fine, was healthy, worked out and was very active with my family and career. Imagine how shocked I was, after following up an abnormal test result, to be told I have Multiple Myeloma. I had never even heard of it!

I just didn’t fit the typical profile for multiple myeloma, and my children were so young. My oldest Daughter Danielle was 11 and my triplet daughters Alexa, Nicole & Rachel were only 3 years old.

I was very fortunate to find my way to Dr. Anderson, who immediately assured me I would survive and live a long life. Dr. Anderson gave me hope and eased my mind, which is so rare & special, to be someone’s “calm during their storm”.

I had my stem cell transplant later that year, and Dr. Anderson and the Dana Farber team became my new family. I am so grateful to receive the best care, which enables me to live a happy and active life, and to make so many special memories with family and friends. It has been 10 years since my transplant, and in November I was honored to be invited to the PPP Check Presentation Ceremony to share my story. It was inspiring & humbling to meet so many special and caring people, all with their own stories and motivation for riding and raising money. As a result of this research and new treatments, I am living a healthy and wonderful life, and my 4 girls have their mom actively engaged in their lives as they grow up!

After meeting so many wonderful and kind hearted members of the PPP team, I made the decision to officially join and ride with you in August. I am so fortunate to be one of the recipients of cutting edge medical treatment, and would like to give back. Now is the time to get new riders on “our team”, whether it be the 2-day ride or the 25 mile ride for beginners like me. Enjoy your training rides outside once the weather warms up, and let’s make this the most successful fund raising year ever!

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We ride because we can. We ride for those who can not. We ride because the training rides and the 192 miles on the two days of the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) are nothing compared to living with or dying from cancer. Click to join our team or to make a donation. Thank You!

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Blood Centers Have Constant Need For Life-Saving Platelet Donations. Watch the Patriots Platelet Pedalers in action at the Kraft Family Donor Center.

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